College Library Policy

Service Periods
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00 pm. Library is closed during weekends and public holidays.

Registration and Membership
The following are eligible to use the library:
– All staff of the College.
– Members of the College Council.
– Registered students of the College.
– Non-members of the college permitted in writing by the College Librarian to use the Library.
– Membership of the College Library is open to all students of the College. To be able to enjoy the library’s loan facility, a registration form must be filled by readers who are then given borrowing tickets by the librarian.
– Readers are advised to keep their borrowing tickets safe when not in use. Loss of any Library ticket attracts a charge before replacement is made. To avoid use by dubious persons, loss of any of the tickets should be reported to the Librarian immediately.

Borrowing of Books
– All registered readers with the library may borrow any book as long as the book is not restricted for use only within the library, e.g. Reference books, reserved book, and either bound or unbound periodicals.
– At present, a reader may borrow a maximum of two weeks at a time for maximum period of three days before renewal if need be, and if no previous request has been made for same book(s) by other reader.
– All books to be borrowed must be presented at the circulation counter by the ticket holder in person who must present both library ticket(s) and College I.D. card.
– Each reader is responsible for the return of all library books in his/her possession when due whether he/she receives an overdue notice from the library or not.
– Holder of overdue books will be fined ₦500.00 per book per day, but if the overdue period exceeds 30days further loan privileges may be withdrawn from the defaulter.

General Library Regulations
Briefcase, bags, sticks, waterproofs and any other gadgets must not be taken into the library. Reader must submit all items in their possession (books, files etc.) for scrutiny at the entrance when leaving the library. Reader in “agbada” or jackets must submit themselves for thorough searching on demand.
– Reservation of seats is not allowed in the library because the policy is first come, first served.
– In the interest of others, the following regulations should be strictly observed
– Absolute silence must be maintained at all times in the library.
– Eating and drinking are not permitted in the library.
The librarian may suspend or withdraw library privileges from any reader who contravenes any of these regulations, and may report the culprit to the management for further disciplinary actions.
– It is a serious offence to keep books overdue or to lose them.
– Readers should not steal library materials.
– Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed in the library.
– Impersonation for the purpose of borrowing library materials shall not be allowed.
– Marking or defacing library materials, furniture is an offence.
– Reservation of seats in any part of the library is not allowed.
– Personal belongings of readers such as umbrellas, handbags, personal copies of magazines and newspapers should not be taken into the library but should be kept in the wooden cabinet slots at the entrance at owners’ risk.

Penalty for Library Malpractices
Any reader who loses a library book will:
– Replace the book at his or her expense.
– Pay 3 times the cost of replacement.
– Overdue books attract a fine of ₦500.00 per book per day.
– Fighting in the library either with students and or library staff may lead to suspension from the library and/or suspension or expulsion from the college.
– Theft or mutilation of library materials shall lead to suspension from the library and/or suspension or expulsion from the college.
– Readers are responsible for the safekeeping of all books loaned to them, and in the event of loss or damage; they are required to compulsorily make immediate replacement to avoid further disciplinary charges against them.
– Theft and mutilation of library books, a very serious antisocial behavior creates a gap in the collection of books and impairs their usefulness not only for present readers, but also for future ones, since such publications may never be obtained again at whatever cost. This deviant attitude will attract the full severity of the College Disciplinary action and may earn the culprit rustication or expulsion from the College.