Hostel / Accommodation

Hostel Accommodation Policy and Eligibility for Hostel Accommodation
In view of shortage of accommodation in the college, only fresh and final year students may enjoy hostel accommodation. This is a deliberate policy owing to the fact that while final year students require a more conducive atmosphere to prepare for their final examination, fresh students need to adjust to a new life at a higher institution. Application for accommodation is treated on the basis of first come first served. Application forms are available in the office of the Dean of Students Affairs. Students allocated to halls of residence are charged a fee per bed space to be determined from time to time by the accommodation committee which is chaired by the Dean of Students Affairs. The college is not however under obligation to provide accommodation for any student. Note that hostel is a Centre of community life. Hence all resident students are expected to contribute their quota to make it a happy home for all. Each Student is also required to exercise the greatest discretion and self-discipline in relation to other students, hostel authorities, staff as well as the general public.

Hostel Accommodation Policy
The right to occupy a room is not transferable. It is a serious offence punishable by expulsion from hall for any student who subjects his or her room, harbor squatters or acquire accommodation on behalf of another student. Visitors must leave their host’s room latest by 7:00 pm. Students will be held liable for any careless or willful damage to college properties. Students are not allowed to cook anything or boil water in the rooms. Students are required to keep their rooms’ clean and tidy at all times. Toilets and bathrooms should be used properly. Students are required to return immediately all keys and other college properties in their possession at the end of each semester and whenever they otherwise vacate their rooms. 1. Each student must occupy the room allocated to him or her and shall be responsible for the care of the furniture and fitting in the rooms. The actual cost of replacing broken or lost keys must be paid for by students before a replacement can be made.
2. It is a serious offence for any student in the hostel to subject his or her room, harbour squatters or acquire accommodation on behalf of another student.
3. At the end of each session, rooms must be vacated unless permission to stay during vacation has been granted in writing and the chance for lodging during vacation shall be determined by the college authority and shall be subject to change from time to time.
4. Students must hand over all keys and beddings to the porters before leaving the college premises. Failure to do so will attract payment for each extra day to be determined by the College authority.
5. Pets such as dogs, cats and other domestic animals such as fowl, chicken, goats, sheep, pigs etc. are not allowed to be breed in the hostels.
6. Indiscriminate pouring of water in the hostel is not allowed.
7. dust-bins shall be put into proper use. All used and unused sanitary pads should be disposed of in buckets provided for them by individual inmates.
8. Defecation, urinating and littering of human waste in and around the hostel, use of hard materials such as stones, newspapers etc. is obviously a dirty habit and cannot be condoned.
9. Collective challenges/problems may route through the Student Affairs Officer for onward transmission to the appropriate authority.
10. A group of students shall be responsible for keys which are to be fixed to their toilet for proper maintenance.
11. Any student found with immoral behavior in the hostel shall face the disciplinary committee and shall consequently loose his or her accommodation in the hostel.
12. Students who do not occupy their rooms after two weeks of allocation shall forfeit their Bed space with no refund of the accommodation fee.
13. Visitors are not allowed beyond 9:00 pm in the reception halls.
14. Entering male hostel is completely barred from female students as well as female students are banned from entering the male hostel.
15. Bathing outside the bathrooms is strictly prohibited.
16. All commercial activities such as hawking, barbing, hairdressing, banking etc. in the hostel are prohibited.
17. Candles are not permitted in student rooms. In the event of blackouts, only battery-powered flash light should be used. Stoves and cookers can only be used at the designated places. Students are not allowed to do any illegal electrical connections. They are to report any electrical faults to the porter.
18. Hostel accommodation is valid for one academic session only.
19. Hanging or displaying of pornographic pictures is not allowed in student rooms.
20. Students are not allowed to use their rooms for businesses e.g. computer service and photocopying business.
21. Pregnant and nursing mothers’ students will not be provided with hostel accommodation.
22. The right to room occupancy is not transferable. Transfer of the allocation of a hostel room or space is an offence punishable by a fine of five hundred naira (₦500) or ejection from the hostel or both.
23. The sale, purchase or consumption of liquor, cannabis, heroin, cocaine and any other hard drugs on the campus is not allowed and organizers of student functions will be held responsible if any liquor is sold or consumed or in any way handled on the campus during such student functions.

Guests and Visitors to Hostel
Visitors or guests are allowed in rooms of students only between 4.00 pm and 7:30 pm on week days and between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm on weekends and public holidays. But in all cases, visitors/guests must not enter rooms of students of the opposite sex after 6.00 pm such visitors are to be received and entertained in the common rooms or outside.
– Visitors/guests must not go directly to the students rooms or to their common rooms but should first enquire at the Porter/Matron lodge, where they must sign the visitors book on arrival and the end of the visit indicate the time of departure for the purpose of these rules, male students visiting the female hostel shall be considered as visitors/guests and vice versa. Every student is responsible for the conduct of his/her visitors/guests.
– No students should accommodate any visitor/guest or unauthorized student in his/her room overnight without the expressed or written permission of the hostel master. A student found to lodge a visitor /guests in the room or entertained a visitor/guest outside the officially allowed time will be guilty of an offence punishable with one thousand naira (₦1000) fine in the first instance, two thousand (₦2000) fines on the second instance and expulsion from the hostel on the third instance.
– It is an offence punishable by expulsion from the hostel for any student to sublet accommodation or permit a squatter in his/her room without the expressed or written approval of the Dean Student Affairs.
– If an already ejected “Landlord” or squatter is caught again squatting with another student in the hostel, the second offender shall be suspended from the college for up to one semester for the first time and up to academic session for the second time. Meanwhile the first offender (the new landlord) forfeits his/her room allocation without any refund. Any student caught with the offence of harboring an ejected student up to three instances shall be expelled from the college.

Care of Hostel Property
– Student’s allocated room in the hostel may receive and sign for the appropriate keys, items of furniture, e.g. beds, beddings, wardrobes, etc as approved by the college. Students are required to inspect their rooms in the company of the porter and hostel master and report in writing any defects within 24 hours to the hostel master after which any defects discovered shall be deemed to be the responsibility of the occupants who shall be held financially liable. Permission to use any of the college facilities in the hostels shall be obtained from the Dean Students Affairs via the hostel Master.
– Students are liable for any careless or willful destruction or damage /destruction will be charged on the students responsible. Any damage of common facilities shall be the collective responsibility of the students concerned where the individual culprit or group culprit cannot be found.
– Students leaving their rooms on vacation or finally on completion of their courses, must be properly checked by the hostel master before they leave. The college will not be responsible for personal effects left behind by students.
– Students are responsible for all items of furniture and other property in their rooms. Fixtures, fittings and furnishing must not be tempered with or modified in any way what so ever.

Surrender of Keys and Hostel Property
a. At the close of semester, expulsion from the hostel or upon voluntary withdrawal from the college, students are required to return all keys and other college property in their possession to the hostel master or any authorized person.
b. With full failure or refusal to submit keys or other college property to the appropriate officer at the close of a semester is an offence punishable with suspension or replacement of damaged door lock or both.
c. Students must leave the hostel not later than 12 noon on the day following the date on which the college officially closes except on permission by the college authorizes.

Use of Hostel for Students Functions
The hostel master must be notified of any students meetings or functions taking place in the hostels. Applications for approval to hold such functions in the hostel must be submitted by the applicant at least 48 hours before the functions. Visitors and guest attending such meetings or functions must sign the visitor’s books.

Noise Electrical Appliances, Fire and Prevention
In the interest of hostel residents, noise must be kept to the minimum. Wireless sets, radios, stereo sets, CDs, etc must not be used later than 10.00pm each day. At the times, these instruments must never be played in such a manner as to cause annoyance, nuisance or disturbance to others. No students may on any account, tamper with electrical installations in their rooms or any part of the hostel for whatever reason.
a. No electrical connections or disconnections are to be made by students in the hostel or classrooms without the expressed permission of the hostel master. All electrical works are to be done by qualified college electricians.
b. When there is no electricity, students have to use battery-powered lamps and not candle sticks to avoid any possible fire outbreak.
c. Any students that causes local electrical power outage in a class, hostel or part of it, he / she will be charged with the cost of restoration of power and may face other disciplinary actions.
d. Under no circumstances should meals be cooked within the hostel rooms or along the corridors. Any student found guilty of this offence shall forfeit the stove, cookers, cooking utensils, etc to the college or face a suspension from hostel of one semester or both.

Personal Property and Hostel Sanitation
a. The college does not accept any responsibility for any loss of personal property in the hostel. Students are therefore advised not to bring valuable and expensive items of personal property into the hostels.
b. For health and sanitation reason, pet animals, birds, fish, and reptiles are prohibited in the hostels. Continue Reading.