General Academic Information

Applications in to all courses of study are made through the Colleges application form, where after, candidates are expected to sit for selection examination on specific date set by the College authority. Successful candidates are invited for interview. After interview successful candidates are thus communicated on their success and admission after fulfilling the basic entry requirements.

Definition of Terms
Terms used in this handbook shall have the meaning assigned to them hereunder:
Academic Board: means the highest body of the college responsible for the general direction and management of all academic matters and any other matter referred to it from time to time by the governing council.
Examination means any activity required by the Academic Board of Taraba State College of Health Technology in the evaluation of students in a programme of studies which these regulations apply.
Carryover Course means a course failed, missed or not registered for in the previous semester.
means a period of about 18 weeks within a session as the academic board may so determine.
Academic Session The normal academic session of the College begins in July each year and June of the following year.
Duration of Academic Session The normal academic session usually last for nine months with eighteen (18) weeks per semester.
Regulation Means the rules and procedures governing the students in the administrative activities, examinations and other matters.
Programme of Studies Means the total aggregate courses undertaken by a student which together form the requirements of the award of certificate or diploma by the Taraba State College of Health Technology, Takum.
Department Means an academic unit responsible for the programmes of studies and/or providing services to other programmes.
School Means a unit of closely related departments headed by a Dean.